WSIB Education Program for Employers


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Module #1 – Your WSIB Policy & Procedure

An employer’s WSIB program starts with being prepared prior to an accident, injury or illness. Employers must be prepared to address all workplace situations. Completion of this module will provide an employer with a complete WSIB policy/procedure. ​

We will cover:

Introduction and history of WSIB

Meredith principles

Key features of the WSIA WSIB policy

Section-by-section WSIB policy/procedure

Module #2 – Accident Investigation

Following a workplace occurrence, the first step is a comprehensive, evidence-based accident investigation to facilitate internal and external reporting in compliance with Ontario law.

We will cover:

Your accident investigation policy/procedure

How to ensure legislative and WSIB compliance

Taking witness statements with sample templates

External/internal investigation best practices with sample forms

Module #3 – Accident Reporting

Following the accident investigation, the employer must report internally and externally on WSIB and health and safety matters. Knowledge of Ontario laws and the WSIB policies on Initial Employer reporting obligations is critical.

We will cover:

Your accident reporting policy/procedure

How to ensure legislative and WSIB compliance

When to report a workplace accident/exceptions

Section-by-section review of the WSIB Employer’s Accident Report

Module #4 – Return to Work

Following a workplace accident, injury or illness the primary employer action should be early and safe return to work (RTW). RTW establishes a win-win in the workplace supporting a positive, worker-centred WSIB program and positive corporate culture. RTW should occur even if the employer has questions about the mechanism of injury.

We will cover:

Current RTW legislation and WSIB policy

Employer RTW obligations under other employment/labour legislation

RTW best practices

Module #5 – Claims Management 1

Concurrent with RTW, it is important to ensure that the eligibility criteria for benefit entitlement has been met. This is the primary responsibility of the WSIB. Employers can assist the scope and speed of WSIB decision making by participating in the decision-making process.

We will cover:

Applying your accident investigation/accident reporting

Entitlement provisions in the WSIA and WSIB policy

Detailed review of WSIB Policy 11-01-01: 5 step standard

Employer action when WSIB Policy 11-01-01 is not met

Module #6 – Claims Management 2

Where evidence questions benefit entitlement the WSIA and WSIB policy provide a framework for the employer to pursue an objection/appeal. This should be initiated as soon as possible after reporting to the WSIB. Claims management may involve an objection to the original decision maker or an appeal to the WSIB/WSIAT.

We will cover:

Your WSIB policy/procedure for claims management

Objection/appeal policies/practices at the WSIB/WSIAT

When an employer should support a worker’s claim

Pursuing an objection/appeal at WSIB/WSIAT

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